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Kaitaama was a princess from Krios Prime, who was, in 2152, due to become First Monarch of that world.

Shortly before her inauguration, she was kidnapped by two Retellians named Plinn and Goff. When their ship malfunctioned, they contacted Enterprise and asked for help. Initially, they told Captain Archer that they were transporting a royal person and that she was in stasis because of the long trip. When Commander Tucker was repairing the pod, he noticed that Kaitaama's hands were bound and that she was a prisoner. It took a few seconds for him to put her language into the universal translator. He was able to rescue her and they used an escape pod to land on the nearest planet.

Kaitaama was very demanding and combative, but became attracted to Tucker and suddenly gave him a passionate kiss after having an argument. Enterprise arrested one of the kidnappers, but Goff escaped and followed Trip and Kaitaama. He stalked them, but Trip was able to overcome him, and they were rescued by Enterprise.

A Kriosian battle cruiser later arrived and transported Kaitaama back to her planet, but not before she invited Tucker to visit her on her homeworld. (ENT: "Precious Cargo")

A couple months later, Trip recalled his time with Kaitaama to Zho'Kaan, while they were stranded on a moon together. (ENT: "Dawn")

Kaitaama was played by actress Padma Lakshmi.

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