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Timicin, a Kaelon male

Dara (Kaelon)

Dara, a Kaelon female

For other uses of the term "Kaelon," see Kaelon (disambiguation).

The Kaelons were a humanoid civilization native to the planet Kaelon II. They were isolationist and little was known of their culture.

In 2364, the Kaelons were forced to turn to the Federation for help since the sun of the planet was dying and time was running out. Starfleet was able to assist in an experiment developed by the Kaelon scientist Doctor Timicin designed to revitalize the Kaelon sun.

Kaelons, like Ferengi, were immune to betazoid telepathy.

The Kaelons practiced ritual suicide at the age of 60 in a ceremony referred to as the Resolution. The practice was strictly enforced through social taboo, and any Kaelons who dared refuse Resolution risked ostracism, not only for themselves but all their family members as well. (TNG: "Half a Life")

People Edit

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