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The Ka'Tann Conference was a meeting held in Vulcana Regar during the late 2090s or early 2100s, which was held to negotiate the terms of the Treaty of Ka'Tann. Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar was the primary negotiator during this conference. While T'Pol was in her early schooling on Vulcan, she traveled to Vulcana Regar to see V'Lar during her negotiations.

At one of the recesses, during the second Ka'Tann Conference, T'Pol approached V'Lar to question the ambassador about her negotiating tactics, which V'Lar later recalled as being "quite presumptuous coming from one so young." V'Lar later noted that T'Pol's bluntness made the ambassador reconsider some of her positions in negotiating the treaty. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")

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