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Kevin Wayne Jeter (born 1950) is an American science fiction and horror author. At California State University, he met science fiction author Philip K. Dick. The esteemed science fiction writer based a character on him - Kevin in Valis.

His style of writing is known for its dark themes, and paranoid and unsympathetic characters. His book Dr. Adder is considered by some to be the first true Cyberpunk novel. (citation needededit) He also coined the phrase "Steampunk", which refers to retro-technology. He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife.

Writing credits

Star Trek novels
Some non-Star Trek novels
  • Star Wars (series)
  • Blade Runner (series)
  • Alien Nation (series)
  • Morlock Night (sequel to H.G. Wells' The Time Machine)
  • Dr. Adder
  • Infernal Devices
  • Death Arms
  • The Night Man
  • NOIR

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