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Broken Bow, Oklahoma

The crash site of Klaang's K'toch class scout ship.

K'toch class was a type of one-man Klingon scout ship in service during the mid-22nd century.

In early 2151, Klaang, a courier, visited Rigel X aboard his scout ship before it was destroyed in a crash landing on Earth during a confrontation with the Suliban in April of that year. His vessel possessed some form of stealth technology. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

The class of Klaang's vessel, K'toch-class, was not given in the final episode, but was mentioned in the script and novelization of "Broken Bow" and in a deleted scene included in the ENT Season 1 DVD.
Star Trek: Infinite Space features K'toch-class starships.

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