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Multiple realities
(covers information from several alternate timelines)
Lieutenant junior grade insignia
Officer stripe, 2254-2265.png

Starfleet, 2250s - 2260s

Starfleet, 2250s - 2260s
Tos ltjg.png

Starfleet, Mid 2260s - Early 2270s

Starfleet, Mid 2260s - Early 2270s
Mov ltjg.png

Starfleet, Late 2270s - 2350s

Starfleet, Late 2270s - 2350s
Tng ltjg.png

Starfleet, 2350s -

Starfleet, 2350s -
Vgr ltjg.png

Starfleet (provisional), 2370s

Starfleet (provisional), 2370s
Alternate Lieutenant junior grade insignia
A.I. Starfleet LT JG.png

Starfleet, 2370 (alternate timeline)

Starfleet, 2370 (alternate timeline)

Lieutenant junior grade (often abbreviated to lieutenant jg), or junior lieutenant is a military rank, the equivalent of which is used by the service organizations of many civilizations. A naval rank in a small number of Earth's ancient navies (such as the US Navy), it is placed between ensign and full lieutenant. The rank is used primarily by the Federation Starfleet, although its United Earth predecessor, from which it primarily takes its rank structure, did not seem to have had this grade.

During certain points in its history, Starfleet discontinued the rank of lieutenant junior grade, promoting ensigns directly to the full grade of lieutenant. This was the case in the mid 2270s, when ensigns adopted the sleeve insignia of the former lieutenant jg rank.

An issue of Star Trek: The Magazine established that the costuming department on Star Trek: Enterprise had no insignia for lieutenant junior grade, although this does not necessarily mean the rank did not exist. Several pre-production publications regarding Star Trek: The Motion Picture established that the lieutenant jg rank also did not exist during the time frame of the film.

It is unclear if the grade exists in other cultures' rank arrangements, although it may correspond to the Romulan rank of sublieutenant.

List of Starfleet lieutenants jg Edit

Starfleet lieutenants junior grade

Provisional Edit

Alternate timeline Edit

This chart shows only general equivalencies based on the ranks used by many governments on Earth, as well as the rest of the galaxy.

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Background information Edit

Only one officer in TOS wore a lieutenant jg insignia, Tormolen in "The Naked Time", even though some officers (for example, Charlene Masters and Marla McGivers) were referred to as "lieutenant" but wore no insignia at all, like ensigns. This particular rank is portrayed in every Starfleet rank scheme, but rarely mentioned in dialogue.

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