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Junior is born

Junior's mother giving birth

Junior's mother was discovered by the USS Enterprise-D orbiting the seventh planet of the previously uncharted Alpha Omicron system, where it had inadvertently revealed its presence by emitting an asymmetrical field of intense energy, with unknown radiation signatures. The creature appeared very streamlined, likening it to a space-going whale or fish, with a tapered body, grayish skin and an orange fringe. It possessed no obvious eyes or other sensory organs. Its physical structure was a mass of plasma energy contained within discrete boundaries by an outer covering, or "shell", of silicates, actinides, and carbonaceous chondrites; however, the starship's sensors had difficulty further penetrating the interior. The creature was slightly smaller than a Galaxy-class starship, and appeared to communicate through radio transmissions.

When the Enterprise approached for a closer examination, the creature glowed bright green, then emitted a field of electrical discharges, holding the ship in an energy dampening field. Radiation levels aboard the ship suddenly began to rise toward lethal levels. Enterprise returned fire in self-defense, but even phasers only set to minimum power proved to be very injurious to the creature's energy patterns. With only a single phaser strike, the creature was shortly dead.

It was discovered that the creature was about to give birth; its maternal instinct had caused it to attack the ship. Dr. Beverly Crusher was able to use the ship's phasers conduct a Cesarean section, removing the newborn from its parent. (TNG: "Galaxy's Child")

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