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Juhraya settlement

A settlement on Juhraya in 2370

Juhraya was an inhabited planet on the Cardassian side of the Demilitarized Zone, and the site of a Federation colony. The colony was handed over to the Cardassians in the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2370. Maquis leader Macias was once a resident on Juhraya, until he was beaten without provocation by the Cardassians. His was one of many incidents designed to "encourage" Federation settlers to leave their colonies.

The colony operated freighters by 2370, one of them was destroyed by Cardassian colonists this year. (TNG: "Preemptive Strike")

The settlement on Juhraya was built as a set on Paramount Stage 16. (Information from call sheets)
According to Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 46), Juhraya was located in the Juhraya system. The Juhraya system was located in or near Cardassian space, in the Alpha Quadrant. This system was located near the Cardassian Border of 2375. This was a trinary star system. Primary was a Class F star with a magnitude of +3, which was ten times brighter than Sol. Secondary was a Class F star. Tertiary was a Class M star.

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