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Judy A. Burns (born 1947) wrote "The Tholian Web", an episode of the original Star Trek series, with her friend Chet Richards. Apart from her work on Star Trek, Burns worked as a writer and producer in television between 1968 and 1988. During her career she wrote for many series, including Magnum P.I., Mission: Impossible ("The Field", featuring Barry Atwater), The F.B.I. ("The Lost Man", featuring Robert Foxworth), The Bionic Woman, Knight Rider ("No Big Thing", featuring Logan Ramsey), T.J. Hooker (starring William Shatner, Richard Herd and James Darren) and MacGyver. She served as producer on Airwolf and co-producer on Magnum P.I.

Burns is thanked in the end credits of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, as Harve Bennett reportedly asked her opinion on the storyline of the film. [1]

Burns also wrote the fan-produced Star Trek Continues episode “Still Treads the Shadow”, which functions as sequel, of sorts, to "The Tholian Web". [2]

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