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Joyce Lasley, Homestead a Crewman Lydia Anderson

Joyce Lasley is an actress who was a regular background actress during the seven year run of Star Trek: Voyager. She portrayed Crewman Lydia Anderson but received no credit for her appearances. Her costume from the episodes "Workforce" and "Workforce, Part II" was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1] Lasley was one of the background performers who regularly appeared in alien makeup and prosthetics during the run of Voyager and also appeared in episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She wore prosthetics which had no nose holes, no ear holes, and sometimes a beak which could be removed to eat. More recently, Lasley portrayed a Starfleet Academy instructor in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek.

Lasley studied acting under coaches such as Lou Diamond Phillips, Kathleen Freeman, and Richard Winter. Beside a few stage plays, Lasley appeared mostly in supporting and featured roles in the horror film Demon Wind (1990), the science fiction horror film The Puppet Masters (1994, with Julie Warner, Sam Anderson, J. Patrick McCormack, Todd Bryant, and Andrew Robinson), the Vital Signs episode "Dying to Sleep" (1997), George Clooney's drama Good Night, and Good Luck (2005, with Glenn Morshower, Ray Wise, Robert Knepper, and Frank Langella), and the comedy Cyrus (2010, with David Cowgill).

In addition, she served as stand-in for Sigourney Weaver in the comedy The TV Set (2006, with Willie Garson and David Doty) and as stand-in in three episodes of the television series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (2006, in episodes with Steven Weber, Cyia Batten, Kelvin Yu, Shawn Crowder, Todd Stashwick, and Joseph Will). More recent projects as stand-in include the comedy Role Models (2008), the comedy series Glee (2009-2014), and the comedy A Thousand Words (2011).

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