Joxom was copilot to Irina in a Terrellian ship that was entered in the 2377 Antarian Trans-stellar Rally, a race between many species to commemorate their cooperation.

Joxom's ship was first encountered by the crew of the USS Voyager when his co-pilot, Irina, challenged Tom Paris in the Delta Flyer to a race.

Harry Kim was jealous of Joxom because he had an attraction to Irina. During the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally, which the Delta Flyer later entered, Joxom was injured when the ship's console exploded. The Doctor was able to save him; however, his injuries left him unable to compete in the race. Harry took his place, but found out that the explosion that injured Joxom was sabotage. Irina was attempting to cause cancellation of the race and break the peace of the region. (VOY: "Drive")

Joxom was played by Robert Tyler.