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A joule is a unit of energy, named after scientist James Prescott Joule. An explosion of 4.184 gigajoules is the equivalent amount of energy to that released by one metric ton explosion.

As a measurement of power, one joule per second is equal to one watt.

Comparative list of energies

Microjoule = 0.000001 joule
Millijoule = 0.001 joule
Kilojoule = 1 thousand joules
This is around a hundredth the amount of food energy in one apple.
Megajoule = 1 million joules
This implies the full energy reserves of the Magellan were about 29.4 megajoules, with a likely higher amount of usable energy.
Gigajoule = 1 billion joules
Terajoule = 1 trillion joules

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