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Josh Neugass is a special effects technician who served as a construction welding foreman on 2009's Star Trek. [1]

Neugass frequently works with Star Trek's special effects foreman Clay Pinney. In addition to Star Trek, the two have collaborated on the films The Matrix Reloaded (featuring Anthony Zerbe), Meet the Fockers (featuring Wayne Thomas Yorke), Flightplan (featuring Lois Hall), Next (featuring Jim Beaver), Rush Hour 3 (featuring Tzi Ma), and Angels & Demons (featuring Arlo Hemphill and Bertrand Roberson, Jr.).

Neugass' additional credits as special effects technician include the films Dicky Roberts: Former Child Star (which featured Tony Dow and Spencer Garrett), Hidalgo (featuring Malcolm McDowell and Peter Mensah), and Click, and the television series Birds of Prey (starring Dina Meyer). He was also a stunt rigger and flight specialist on Bedtime Stories, the upcoming fantasy film which stars Keri Russell and features production design by Linda DeScenna.

In addition to his work in film and television, Neugass designs and creates wearable sculptures through his own company, Timeless Creations.

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