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Josef Stalin (1878-1953) was a 20th century Human and dictator of the ancient Soviet Union nation-state from 1922 to 1953 on Earth. He led the Soviet people through the Second World War on the side of the Allies against Nazi Germany, and was a rather controversial figure.

According to Dixon Hill's secretary Madeline, the last time they had a new case was when "Hitler and Stalin were bosom buddies." (TNG: "Manhunt")

Shortly after Stalin's death in 1953, New York City publisher Douglas Pabst quipped that writer Herbert Rossoff had been angry ever since Stalin's death. Interpreting this remark as his being called a communist (or "red"), Rossoff reacted angrily to the insult. The exchange was part of Benjamin Sisko's vision as writer Benny Russell. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

According to the Pocket Books novel "Home Is the Hunter", Pavel Chekov met Stalin after being sent back in time by the alien Weyland.

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