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Jor Brel

Jor Brel

Jor Brel was an Enaran male and leader of the Enaran delegation aboard the USS Voyager that was being transported back to Enara Prime in 2373. He had Enaran telepathic abilities and gave Captain Janeway the memories of how to play an Enaran musical instrument, thinking she had asked him to do so. He apologized profusely when he realized what he had done.

During a farewell reception, he was confronted by B'Elanna Torres, who told him about the story about the Regressives after she received memories from a dying Korenna Mirell. He denied that his government had participated in a holocaust. Torres would accuse him of hiding the past. (VOY: "Remember")

Jor Brel was played by Eugene Roche.
Although it was not stated on screen, "Jor" and "Jora" are respectful titles given to older Enarans. (Star Trek Encyclopedia 2nd ed., p. 304) In the episode, Korenna Mirell, an elderly Enaran woman, went by the name "Jora Mirell" aboard Voyager. In that case, Jor Brel's first name was never stated.

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