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Jonathan William Newkerk (born 15 September 1987; age 30) is an actor, sound person, editor, director, and production assistant who appeared as a Starfleet cadet in 2009's Star Trek. As an extra, he will not receive on-screen credit for his appearance in the film. [1]

Newkerk has worked with Star Trek: Voyager regular Tim Russ on several projects. He was an assistant director under Ross on an episode of the television series Tales from Dark Fall. He was also a production assistant and a part of the sound crew on Divas of Novella, a science fiction TV movie directed by Russ. In addition, Newkerk was the editor of Russ' short film Low Tech and was a member of the sound crew on another of Russ' short films,Mistaken Identity.

As an actor, Newkerk had a role in the independent film Sidewalk Warriors along with Star Trek veterans Gary Graham and Chase Masterson. He also appears in the 2009 comedy film 17 Again, as does Loren Lester.

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