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USS Enterprise operations engineer 3 an Enterprise engineer

Jonathan Peter Goldsmith (born 26 September 1938; age 78), also known under his stage name Jonathan Lippe played an uncredited crewman in the original series episode "The Corbomite Maneuver".

His other television credits include repeated guest spots on Gunsmoke (1966-1974, with Morgan Jones and Craig Hundley). He appeared twice on Twelve O'Clock High, starring Robert Lansing; first in 1964 (with Gary Lockwood and Nancy Kovack) and then again in 1966 (with Seymour Cassel).

In 1967, he appeared on Wild Wild West with Joseph Campanella and The Invaders with Phillip Pine, Dallas Mitchell, Bill Erwin, William Sargent and Frank Overton. In 1970, he appeared on The High Chaparral with Henry Darrow and Tony Epper and Mission: Impossible (with Leonard Nimoy, Mark Lenard and Arthur Batanides). He also made three appearances on Petrocelli (1975-1976), with William Windom.

In 1968, he appeared in the classic Western Hang 'Em High, along with Mark Lenard, Bill Zuckert, Ned Romero, and Paul Sorenson. That same year, he appeared in Ice Station Zebra, co-starring Lloyd Haynes, Ernest Borgnine, Joseph Bernard, William O'Connell, Michael Rougas, Buddy Garion, Gary Downey and Jim Goodwin). His other film credits also include One is a Lonely Number (1972, with Monte Markham and Mark Bramhall) and the low budget thriller Blood Voyage (1976, with Pete Kellett).

He also appeared the TV movies Shadow on the Land (1968, with Paul Sorenson), The New Healers (1972, with William Windom and Robert Foxworth), and A Case of Rape (1974, with Ronny Cox, Cliff Potts, Patricia Smith, Charles Macauley, Alex Henteloff, Davis Roberts). In 1976, he appeared in the acclaimed Helter Skelter with Marc Alaimo, Robert Ito, Skip Homeier, Bruce French, Rod Arrants, Paul Kent, Alan Oppenheimer, Phillip Richard Allen, David Clennon and Roy Jenson. And in 1977 he was in Bunco (with Meg Wyllie and Kenneth Mars) and Green Eyes (1977, with Paul Winfield and Robert DoQui).

Lippe's most current claim to fame was as the first actor to play "The Most Interesting Man in the World" in the ad campaign for Dos Equis beer from 2007 to 2015. Lippe's character was heralded at being exceptional at all things. His character was replaced by another actor, Augustin Legrand, in September 2016.[1]

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