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Jonathan Archer (alternate reality)

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Alternate Reality
(split 2233)
For the prime reality counterpart, please see Jonathan Archer.
For additional meanings of "Archer", please see Archer.

Jonathan Archer was an admiral in Starfleet.

In 2257, Montgomery Scott attempted to prove his theories about transwarp beaming by beaming Admiral Archer's prized beagle. The dog was never seen again, and when Scott was transferrred to a small, cold, and almost forgotten research outpost on Delta Vega, he believed that his blunder was the reason he ended up there. (Star Trek)

Archer's first name wasn't used on screen, but Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci confirmed that the Archer mentioned in Star Trek is a reference to Enterprise, [1] and later confirmed that it is, indeed, the same Jonathan Archer. [2] Jonathan Archer would be 145 in 2257, although it was never actually stated when Scotty used the dog.
At the very end of the novelization of Star Trek (and IDW's "The Truth About Tribbles, Part 2"), "Archer's prized beagle" rematerialized on the Enterprise transporter pads, moments before the ship jumped to warp on its new voyage.

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