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John Williamson is an actor who portrayed a Fleet Mechanic in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. He was cast through Headquarters Casting in Burbank. [1]

Williamson received a MA in Linguistics from the Harvard University in Camebirdge, Massachusetts and a BA in Communications from the Northeastern University in Boston, studied and trained acting in Boston and Los Angeles, and is certified to teach on public schools in Boston.

Beside several commercials for companies such as NASCAR, Viaprin, and Dunkin' Donots, he appeared as an extra in several live shows, including Deal or No Deal?, One vs. One Hundred, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

His film experiences as background performer and stand-in include the sport comedy Celtic Pride (1996, with Christopher McDonald), the drama Meet Joe Black (1998), the drama A Civil Action (1998, with Margot Rose, Clayton Landey, Josh Pais, and Juliana Donald), the thriller The Human Stain (2003, with Ron Canada), the comedy Stuck on You (2003, with Googy Gress, Nikki Tyler-Flynn, and Maria Celeste Genitempo), the sport comedy Fever Pitch (2005, with Jack Kehler), Martin Scorsese's thriller The Departed (2006, with Mark Rolston and Shay Duffin), and more recently the comedy Crazy on the Outside (2009, with Kelsey Grammer and John Patrick Hayden).

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