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John Keats was an English poet.

He was a poet who, according to Data, started a tradition of poets composing odes to individuals who had a profound impact on their life. (TNG: "Schisms")

Sometime prior to 2368, William T. Riker had received a bound copy of Keats' poem Ode to Psyche as a gift from Deanna Troi. (TNG: "Conundrum")

In 2372, Jake Sisko learned that Keats was helped in writing his works by Onaya, an entity who fed on his neural energy. This eventually killed him. (DS9: "The Muse")

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 333}, the birth and death years of John Keats were 1795 and 1821, respectively.
"Keats" is pronounced "Keets" rather than "Kates".

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