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John F. Gross (born 2 December 1961; age 54) is a visual effects and post-production artist and supervisor who has contributed to various Star Trek series as a member of three different companies. He is the co-founder of Eden FX, the company responsible for many visual effects on Star Trek: Enterprise and the final season of Star Trek: Voyager, along with Foundation Imaging.

Gross was working at computer animation studio Amblin Imaging, which he helped co-found, creating effects for the series SeaQuest DSV, when his association with the Star Trek franchise began. Amblin was hired by Dan Curry and David Stipes to create the emergent lifeform for "Emergence", an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation's seventh and final season. A short time later, Amblin was brought in to work on computer generated effects for the pilot episode of Star Trek: Voyager, "Caretaker". Gross was Amblin's CG supervisor at this time and oversaw the creation of the computer-generated model of USS Voyager.

In 1996, Gross formed Digital Muse with John Parenteau. This company picked up where Amblin left off, continuing to create computer-generated starships for Voyager. In addition, they created numerous ships for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and worked on Star Trek: Insurrection. In 2000, when a decision to sell a portion of Digital Muse resulted in a complete takeover, Gross opted to start over. He left the company and formed Eden FX with Mark Miller, formerly of Digital Magic. Digital Muse closed down shortly thereafter.

Gross has shared Emmy Award nominations for his work as CG supervisor on three Star Trek episodes: Voyager's "Life Line" and "The Haunting of Deck Twelve" and Enterprise's episode "Breaking the Ice". In total, Gross has supervised the creation of well over one hundred computer-generated starship models.

After EdenFx's involvement with Star Trek, Gross as "President, Creative Director" and "Lead Visual Effects Supervisor" of the company, has been involved in virtually every production the company has contributed to since. As of 2012, he is still serving as CEO of EdenFX.

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