John Glenn was a NASA astronaut in the 20th century. He was the third American astronaut to travel in space and the first American to complete an orbit of the Earth in 1962.

Centuries later, in 2376, Chakotay remarked that Glenn, along with fellow astronauts John Kelly, Rose Kumagawa, and Neil Armstrong were Earth's true space pioneers. (VOY: "One Small Step")

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From the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 306), "Glenn flew the Mercury-Atlas 6 spacecraft Friendship 7, in 1962, during which he made three orbits. Glenn, who had previously served as a military officer, subsequently served his country as a United States senator before returning to space as an astronaut aboard the space shuttle orbiter Discovery in 1995 for mission STS-95."

In a note to the entry, the authors of the reference work had this to say, "John Glenn can be glimpsed in the main title sequence for Star Trek: Enterprise as one of the astronauts inside the space shuttle orbiter during the launch of STS-95."

Scott Carpenter's quote "Godspeed John Glenn" was used in the Star Trek teaser trailer.

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