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John Erman (born 3 August 1935; age 82) is an Emmy-winning Amercian television director from Chicago, Illinois.

Erman directed "The Empath", an episode the original Star Trek series. He helmed episodes of many television series and a number of TV movies during his 33-year career as a director. His credits include My Favorite Martian (starring Ray Walston), The Outer Limits (episode "Nightmare" featuring David Frankham, Willard Sage, Bernard Kates, John Anderson, Whit Bissell and Vic Perrin as the "Control Voice", written and produced by Joseph Stefano with make-ups by Fred Phillips and assistant direction by Robert H. Justman), Ben Casey, M*A*S*H and Roots (starring LeVar Burton, featuring Madge Sinclair, Thalmus Rasulala and music by Gerald Fried). He also worked as a production associate on The Outer Limits.

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