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Incredible Tales - Jan 53

Incredible Tales, January 1953

John Eaves was an artist who occasionally provided artwork for stories in the magazine Incredible Tales. One such story that he illustrated was "Assault on Planet 10" by K.C. Hunter and Julius Eaton, which appeared in the January, 1953 issue. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

Eaves also created illustrations for three ships named Enterprise, namely the frigate Enterprise, the United States Navy aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, and the space shuttle Enterprise. These drawings, accompanied by a fourth illustration in the same style of the NX-class Enterprise, later adorned a wall in captain Jonathan Archer's ready room aboard the latter ship. (Star Trek: Enterprise)

This character was only mentioned in writing.
The mention of an artist called John Eaves on the cover Incredible Tales was, of course, a tribute to the real Star Trek production artist John Eaves. The Enterprise illustrations can be attributed to Eaves in a different manner: all his sketches, with the exception of Archer's Enterprise, bore his signature. While on screen these were never seen as more then a tiny blot, Eaves later posted larger versions of the drawings to his website, in which the signature is recognizable. [1]