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John Baldwin is an animal trainer who worked for Critters of the Cinema together with Karen Thomas-Kolakowski as trainer for the spawn beetles in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Elogium" in 1995.

Baldwin's other credits as animal trainer include the drama Crooklyn (1994, with Alfre Woodard), the television drama In the Shadow of Evil (1995, with Brad Greenquist), the drama It's My Party (1996, with Bruce Davison, Dennis Christopher, and Joel Polis), the crime thriller Brown's Requiem (1998, with Al Rodrigo, Brad Dourif, and fellow trainers Rob Bloch and Rose Ordile), the drama Gideon (1999, with LuJean Rose), the comedy 100 Girls (2000), and the crime thriller Frailty (2001).

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