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Joey Spagnola is an actress who worked as recurring background actress on Star Trek: Voyager. Her costume as a Mari in the episode "Random Thoughts" was later sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay and was reused in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Oasis". The name tag misspelled her as Joey Spangola. [1]

In 2000 she worked as stunt double for actress Shiri Appleby in the Roswell episode "Wipeout!". The episode also featured Star Trek performers William Sadler and Danny Downey. The same year, Spagnola worked as stand-in for Appleby on the drama A Time for Dancing, with Anton Yelchin. In 2002 she worked as stand-in on the short thriller Another Life, produced and directed by Tracey D'Arcy, written by Ronald D. Moore, and starring William Sadler.

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