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Joe Corroney is a comic book cover artist. He is best known for his work in the Star Wars universe, work he has been doing for Lucasfilm since 1996.

Corroney splits his time between IDW Publishing and Lucasfilm, doing covers for IDW on a number of their series, including "Fallen Angel", "24: Nightfall", "Angel", "Spike vs Dracula", and most recently, "Star Trek".

He started in the industry in 1992 while still a sophomore at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio and got his big break in 1996 when Lucasfilm hired him to do some artwork for one of their role playing game supplements for West End Games. In addition to his comic book cover work, he has also done interior art, role playing games, and collector cards.

He currently teaches a Comic Book Illustration course at the Columbus College of Art and Design and does summer workshops at Ohio State University.

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