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Joaquin, a Human Augment

Joaquin was a genetically-engineered Augment from Earth's 20th century, a follower of Khan Noonien Singh and survivor of the Eugenics Wars. Joaquin escaped Earth aboard the SS Botany Bay.

In 2267, the USS Enterprise discovered the Botany Bay, on which Joaquin was one of the 72 surviving members of Khan's original group of 84, excepting Khan himself. (TOS: "Space Seed")

Joaquin was played by Mark Tobin.


In Greg Cox's novels about the Eugenics Wars, Joaquin's last name was Weiss. He was an Israeli national who was serving a life sentence in an Israeli prison for murder when Khan rescued him from prison. From that point on, he was Khan's faithful bodyguard. Joaquin trusted nobody around Khan and even later, after the exile to Ceti Alpha V, was suspicious of Marla McGivers for a time. This began to ease when she and Khan were married and McGivers ultimately gained Joaquin's unqualified respect when she committed suicide rather than attempt to kill Khan after she was infected with a Ceti eel. At the same time that she and Khan were married, many of the colonists paired off into couples to start families as well. To that end, Joaquin married Suzette Ling and ultimately became the father of Joachim, who was one of Khan's crew in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Joaquin was killed defending Khan from a rebellious Augment who tried to take over the underground colony on Ceti Alpha V. Because of his and Ling's faithful service to him (she also died fighting for Khan) Khan would take Joachim and raise him as his own son.

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