Jim may also refer to James T. Kirk.

Jim was the head of the second-best computer company on Earth in 1996, at least, according to Henry Starling, following only Starling's own Chronowerx Industries.

Starling gave Jim's company a contract to design the computer chip for the new HyperPro PC. Jim introduced Starling to their chip design six months before the release of the new PC.

Starling, however, disliked it, referring to it as "crap" because its "component density is too low, its voltage variance is out of spec, and I don't even like the color." Starling also stated that with a chip like Jim's driving the HyperPro, they would need to change the name to "Edsel."

After informing Jim of his mistake, Starling told him to go home and lose some sleep over it, and that he wanted a full report by the middle of next week. (VOY: "Future's End")

Jim was played by an unknown actor who filmed his scene on Tuesday 20 August 1996 on Paramount Stage 16.
The call sheet listed him as "1 Businessman" with a makeup call at 7:15 am and a set call at 8:00 am.