A Jibalian omelette was an egg dish, often prepared for breakfast, which paired well with Traggle nectar.

This omelette was created by and finally perfected by Neelix after much struggle. During Neelix' quest to create the perfect recipe for his Jibalian omelette, he experimented with multiple ingredients, explaining how he tried it with "a little more Spith basil, a little less Prishic, but I couldn't get it right." After falling asleep from exhaustion at the kitchen counter, he had a dream: "I was using six spices, but the omelette needed seven." He found the missing ingredient to be Nimian sea salt, the most common spice in the galaxy, but he was too tired to see it.

In 2372, he offered to make his now famous Jibilian seven-spice omelettes for B'Elanna Torres, which she declined in favor of another pot of his Landras blend coffee.

Neelix later related a story about his development of the dish, which was during his time aboard USS Voyager. Feeling the recipe was not perfect, he unsuccessfully tried to add Spith basil and prishic (though surprisingly not leola root). At the time, Neelix was too tired to see that the real problem was that he needed seven spices instead of six. After falling asleep exhausted, this revelation came to him in a dream. The answer was that he needed to add Nimian sea salt. (VOY: "Prototype")

Background information Edit

According to the script notes, "Jibalian" was pronounced "jih-BAY-lee-n".

The term "Jiballian" was also used in relation to Jiballian fudge and Jiballian berry salad.

A recipe for Jimbalian Seven-World Omelette [sic], adapted for terrestrial kitchens, was referenced in the Star Trek Cookbook (p. 268).

Ethan Phillips – through the words of Neelix – described the following description for this dish:

This is a Talaxian trade secret. I discovered that you need ingredients from seven worlds. I only been using ingredients from six worlds, when it was a seven-world omelette. The eggs are Eskarian (I once predicted this type of egg would be on Tuvok's face when he learned what a fine investigative reporter I was) [cf. VOY: "Investigations"]. The other ingredients are Spith basil, prishic (a yellow moonweed unique to Rinax), thriv (cheese from the milk of the ronrat, a small rodent with hallucinogenic dandruff), ekky berry, thunder lily , pepper, and the ingredient I'd failed to add for so long, Nimian sea salt. By the way, this is a particular favorite with the captain.

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 82), there was a star system named Jibalia, which might possibly be the system of origin for this dish, in the Delta Quadrant. This was a binary system with a pair of F-class stars.