A Jibalian seven-spice omelette was one of Neelix's specialty dishes, which he occasionally served for breakfast.

In 2372, he offered to make one for B'Elanna Torres, which she declined in favor of another pot of his Landras blend coffee.

Neelix later related a story about his development of the dish, which was during his time aboard USS Voyager. Feeling the recipe was not perfect, he unsuccessfully tried to add spith basil and prishic (though surprisingly not leola root). At the time, Neelix was too tired to see that the real problem was that he needed seven spices instead of six. After falling asleep exhausted, this revelation came to him in a dream. The answer was that he needed to add Nimian sea salt. (VOY: "Prototype")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 82), there was a star system named Jibalia, which might possibly be the system of origin for this dish, in the Delta Quadrant. This was a binary system with a pair of F-class stars.