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Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ

A depiction of Jesus Christ

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was the son of God born to a virgin named Mary. The teachings of Christ, a philosophy of total love and total brotherhood, would become the foundation for the Christian faith.

The imperial Roman planet 892-IV began spreading the word of the "Son" during their 20th century. At that time, the crew of the USS Enterprise visited that planet, where they misconstrued it as "sun" worship. Uhura later discovered that this was not the sun in the sky, but the Son of God. (TOS: "Bread and Circuses")

In Captain Janeway's Leonardo da Vinci holo-program, there is a crucifix depicting Jesus Christ in Leonardo's workshop. (VOY: "The Omega Directive")

Upon seeing the USS Enterprise-E during his first warp flight, Zefram Cochrane exclaimed "Sweet Jesus". (Star Trek: First Contact) Christ's name was also taken in vain by Leonard McCoy while attempting to save Klingon Chancellor Gorkon, and by Douglas Pabst while stressing to Benny Russell how unbelievable the concept of a Negro captain of a space station in the future was. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country; DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

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