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Jeromy Cox is a comic book artist specializing in color work.

He started in the industry in the mid-1990s self-producing a series titled Zombie Love. This led to work with Image, Dark Horse, Oni, and WildStorm Comics over the next few years. In early 2000, he joined WildStorm's in-house WildStorm FX coloring group. While there, he did color work on "Embrace the Wolf" and "All of Me" in their Star Trek line. He also began coloring Alan Moore's Promethea series for DC Comics, a series he stuck with until the end. He also worked on the first Rex Mundi series for Image, coloring every issue of the original run. Other titles worked on include Batman, Teen Titans, X-Factor, and every issue of Brian Wood's DMZ.

More recently, he has been working on Danger Girl for IDW Publishing and Resurrection Man for DC.

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