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Jeffrey Sherrard is an actor who appeared as a Vaadwaur in the Star Trek: Enterprise second season episode "Dead Stop". He received no credit for this appearance but is listed as "Vadwar - Jefferey Sharrard" on the call sheet. He filmed his scenes on Tuesday 20 August 2002 on Paramount Stage 9. [1]

Other projects Sherrard appeared on include the comedy Along Came Polly (2004, with Todd Stashwick, Edward Conna, Toni Blair, Mike Fujimoto, and Ator Tamras), the music drama Rent (2005, with Anthony Rapp, Ken Clark, Rod Arrants, Sarah Silverman, Joel Swetow, Penny Johnson Jerald, Anthony Molinari, and James D. Weston II), and the comedy Angels with Angles (2005, with Frank Gorshin, Henry Darrow, Branscombe Richmond, Miguel Perez, Whitney Rydbeck, and Amy Wieczorek).

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