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Jeffrey Preston "Jeff" Bezos, né Jorgensen (born 12 January 1964; age 53) is the founder and CEO of

Bezos had a cameo as an alien Starfleet official in Star Trek Beyond. [1] [2]

A diehard Trekkie, Bezos is the founder of aerospace company Blue Origin and is also a major investor in Wikia, Memory Alpha's hosting company. [3] He is reportedly the fourth-richest man in the world.

Bezos played Star Trek games as a child and has installed a model of the USS Enterprise at the headquarters of his aeronautical and space research firm, Blue Origin. [4] He also claims that Amazon's voice recognition program called "Alexa" was partially inspired by Star Trek's interactive ship computers.

To the set of Beyond, Bezos arrived with a number of bodyguards. Chris Pine confessed that he did not recognize Bezos but realized that he was someone of importance.

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