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Jedda was a Federation scientist that served as an assistant to Dr. Carol Marcus during her work with Project Genesis. In 2285, he served with Marcus, and her colleagues aboard space station Regula I.

Jedda relayed a message to Dr. Marcus that there was an incoming comm-pic coming in from the USS Reliant. During the fray regarding Starfleet's sudden desire to take over the Genesis Project, he reminded the group that Reliant was on its way, indicating that they should make their decision quickly.

Jedda, Carol Marcus and her son, David Marcus, would all beam down to the interior of Regula to protect their Genesis research. He and David would attack the Starfleet landing party that was searching for them. Jedda was later vaporized by Captain Terrell, during Terrell's attempt to assist Khan in stealing the Genesis Device. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

Jedda was played by actor John Vargas. In the shooting script, Jedda was mentioned as being Deltan.

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