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Jayden was the name given to Lieutenant Commander Data by Gia, a young girl from the planet Barkon IV, when he arrived in her village suffering from amnesia in 2370.

It was deduced that "Jayden" was an "iceman" from the northern mountains by the town healer, Talur. Data was in fact on a mission to Barkon IV to retrieve the radioactive remains of a probe that had crashed on the planet's surface. Jayden was "killed" by a spear through his abdomen when attacked by an angry mob of villagers, blaming him for bringing them a plague. The "plague" was, in actuality, radiation sickness caused by the metal fragments in his possession. He was buried in a marked grave beneath the town square after it was realized he introduced a cure into the water supply just before his demise. His body was transported back to the USS Enterprise-D, unbeknownst to the villagers. (TNG: "Thine Own Self")

Jayden was like Data played by Brent Spiner.
A cut line from the episode would have revealed that "Jayden" was a nobleman in a Barkonian fairy tale who was transformed into an ugly frog by a demon's spell. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion)

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