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Jay Scott Pike (born 1924) is a comic book artist. After attending art school and service in the Marines, he began illustrating pin-up art for various comics and magazines. He worked on the Atlas/Marvel books such as Battleground, Marines in Battle, Journey into Mystery, and Lorna the Jungle Girl. He was also a regular on DC's Girls' Love Stories. During this period he also worked as an advertising artist for a wide variety of companies including Trans World Airlines, Pepsi, and General Mills.

He worked in the comics industry from the early 1950s through to the mid-1970s before retiring from the industry. He returned briefly in 1993 to do layouts for two issues and full pencils for a third of DC' Scarlett. At this time he also did the pencil art for the adaptation of the final Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, "All Good Things...", his only Star Trek credit.

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