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Ensign Jarot was a female Betazoid and member of the USS Voyager crew assigned to the sciences division.

In 2375, Jarot was hidden from Devore inspectors using transporter suspension, along with Tuvok, Vorik and the Brenari, due to their telepathic abilities. (VOY: "Counterpoint")

Jarot was played by an unknown actress.
Jarot may have been among the numerous casualties in the episodes between VOY: "Counterpoint" and VOY: "Dragon's Teeth", given that Captain Janeway lamented that she did not have a Betazoid crewmember to help determine Gedrin's motives.
Jarot played a major role in the Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force videogame and its sequel, Star Trek: Elite Force II, in which she was given the first name of Juliet. Her surname was spelled differently, as Jurot.

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