Jarlath, a member of this species

Jarlath's species was a species native to the Delta Quadrant. They preferred desert-like environments. Culturally, they had a concept of a barter system and considered species that didn't to be unsophisticated.

At least nine years prior to 2373, a group including Jarlath was abducted from their colony by the Nyrians, who incarcerated him in their biosphere vessel. He later made contact with the crew of the USS Voyager, who lived in the environment adjacent his that of his people's, thereafter he cooperated in their mutual escape. (VOY: "Displaced")

Though this species' name was not given, it may have been one of the other known habitats discovered aboard the biosphere vessel – like the Bourget, Tanatuva or Zooabud – which all had desert-like conditions.