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Jaresh-Inyo was a Grazerite politician, who served as the President of the United Federation of Planets in 2372. Jaresh-Inyo had formerly represented his people on the Federation Council. He had been in politics for seventy years at the time.

Shortly after a Changeling revealed to Constable Odo of Deep Space 9 that the Founders had infiltrated the Alpha Quadrant, Admiral Leyton and a delegation of high ranking Starfleet officers met with Jaresh-Inyo recommending more stringent security measures on Earth to combat the new threat. Jaresh-Inyo rejected the suggestions, calling them "extreme".

Several months later, Jaresh-Inyo reluctantly agreed to implement these security measures in all Starfleet ships and facilities at the recommendation of Admiral Leyton, who now had Benjamin Sisko and Odo to add credibility. He later authorized the deployment of Starfleet troops on Earth and the institution of martial law in response to the threat of Dominion invasion. Jaresh-Inyo rescinded the measures after Leyton was exposed as having fabricated the threat in an attempt to launch a military takeover of Earth. (DS9: "Homefront", "Paradise Lost")

By 2375, Jaresh-Inyo had completed his term in office. Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien later discovered that Section 31 had planted an agent in his cabinet. (DS9: "Extreme Measures")


Background Information

It is unknown exactly when Jaresh-Inyo was elected President, although the script of "Homefront" stated that he was "recently" elected. The script described Jaresh-Inyo himself as "willowy" and "contemplative". Regarding his comment that he never sought his position, Ronald D. Moore stated: "We assume the Fed President was duly elected, but that he reluctantly was induced to run for the position." (AOL chat, 1997)

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writers saw Jaresh-Inyo as being like former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, both good men, although not in conflict situations. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion)


Jaresh-Inyo appears in the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Infiltrator.

The novel Articles of the Federation establishes that Jaresh-Inyo had previously served as the Federation Councilor from Grazer. Articles established Jaresh-Inyo as a one-term president, governing from 2369 to 2372, the year "Homefront" and "Paradise Lost" took place in, implying that he was running for re-election at the time of those episodes. By January of 2373, Jaresh-Inyo is out of office.

In mid-2380, Jaresh-Inyo dies on Mars, the planet to which he had retired, and the current presidential administration attends his funeral, as does his entire family. The cover of the novel actually features Starfleet officers folding the Flag of the Federation to give to his wife as part of an honor guard.

The novella A Gutted World featured an alternate universe where the Cardassians discovered the Bajoran wormhole, and subsequently, the Dominion. In this universe, Jaresh-Inyo was replaced by a Changeling sometime between 2369 and 2374.

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