Japanese zero

Close-up of a Japanese Zero

The Japanese Zero was a type of aircraft used by Japan during the Second World War.

The airplane was featured in the movie From Here to Eternity where Burt Lancaster's character shot several of them down. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

Captain Kirk and a landing party experienced several artificial constructs that were made to look like people, animals, and objects, that they were first thinking or talking about while on a lush planet during shore leave, which included landing party members, Angela Martine and Lieutenant Esteban Rodriguez, being strafed by a Japanese Zero that in their running from it ended up with Martine striking her head against a tree knocking her unconscious. Later the Japanese Zero strafed the rest of the landing party as well. (TOS: "Shore Leave")

The footage used in The Original Series for a Zero was actually an American F6F Hellcat painted to look like a Zero. It was armed with what appeared to be Browning M2 machine guns. [1] Ironically, the F6F Hellcat was the Zero's primary adversary during the later half of WWII. The

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