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Janna Barbara Phillips is a makeup artist who worked on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the second and fifth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the first season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She is the daughter of the late makeup artist Fred Phillips, with whom she worked on The Motion Picture.

Phillips and her father shared a Saturn Award nomination for Best Make-Up in 1980 with Ve Neill for their work on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Phillips also shared an Emmy Award nomination with makeup supervisor Michael Westmore and fellow makeup artist Gerald Quist for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup for a Series for The Next Generation episode "A Matter Of Honor" in 1989.

In addition to her work on the Star Trek franchise, Phillips was a makeup artist on four television movies based on the Alien Nation TV series: Dark Horizon (1994), Body and Soul (1995), The Enemy Within (1996), and The Udara Legacy (1997). She received Emmy nominations for her work on the first three movies, all shared with makeup designer and supervisor Rick Stratton and makeup artists Craig Reardon and Richard Snell. (Edouard F. Henriques shared the nominations for Dark Horizon and The Enemy Within; Ken Myers shared the nominations for Body and Soul and Enemy Within; Steve LaPorte and Jill Rockow shared Body and Soul; and Karen Westerfield shared the nomination for The Enemy Witihin.)

Her other makeup credits include the comedy Back to School (1986, featuring Terry Farrell, Sally Kellerman, Adrienne Barbeau, and Robert Picardo, working with hair stylist Donna Barrett Gilbert), the comedy Meet the Applegates (1991, starring Ed Begley, Jr. and Roger Aaron Brown, working with Craig Reardon and Jill Rockow), the fantasy adventure Hook (1991, working with Werner Keppler, Ve Neill, and Monty Westmore, with hair stylist Norma Lee), the superhero sequel Batman Forever (1995, featuring Rene Auberjonois and Ed Begley, Jr., working with Belinda Bryant, Edouard Henriques, Ve Neill, Jill Rockow, and Rick Stratton), and the horror film Vampires (1998, featuring Gregory Sierra and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa). She also worked on the popular NBC television series The A-Team (1986-1987, starring Dwight Schultz) and the drama series Falcon Crest (1988, starring Robert Foxworth).

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