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Janet Brooks was a female Human Starfleet command division officer in the late 24th century. By 2367, Brooks was married to Marc Brooks. She had attained the rank of ensign and was assigned to the USS Enterprise-D with Marc.

Marc died in an accident while they lived on the Enterprise. A funeral was held for him, attended by Counselor Deanna Troi in addition to Janet. Janet was so distraught that, after the funeral, she wanted all of his things taken away. Troi, anticipating her regretting that choice, kept a music box for when Brooks was ready.

For the next five months after the funeral, she focused on her work, unable to accept the loss. She volunteered for extra work in the ship's nursery and improved her language studies. Troi eventually asked her to come to see her in her office. Counselor Troi felt that she was repressing her feelings, while telling everyone that she'd gotten over them and moved on. However, due to contact with a new lifeform, Troi lost her empathic abilities, which hampered her effectiveness as a counselor. Despite this, Brooks had that night realized she was right and had done some grieving.

During her next session with Troi, Janet told her she had woken up a "new woman" and had moved on. Troi couldn't sense how Janet was really feeling, and told her about the loss of her abilities. She advised Janet that perhaps a few hours of crying wasn't enough, and that perhaps Janet needed more time, to which Janet replied that Troi was "absolutely wrong".

When Janet returned for her next session, Troi apologized for forgetting to cancel the appointment, citing that their last one was "obviously nonproductive" and that she was resigning as ship's counselor. Janet told Troi that she had been correct about Janet's behavior, that she had been trying to hide from the pain. Troi may not have been able to sense her feelings, but she still helped. Janet's words were among the catalysts that convinced Troi that she could still be useful. (TNG: "The Loss")

Janet Brooks was played by actress Kim Braden.

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