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Mira Romaine

... as Mira Romaine

Jan Shutan (born 5 November 1931; age 85) is the actress who played Lieutenant Mira Romaine in the TOS episode "The Lights of Zetar". She filmed her scenes between Friday 1 November 1968 and Monday 11 November 1968 at Desilu Stage 9 and Stage 10.

One of her few motion picture credits was Russ Meyer's The Seven Minutes in 1971. This film also featured Stanley Adams, Charles Drake and Charles Napier. Another film she appeared in was the campy 1978 horror film Dracula's Dog, starring Michael Pataki.

She appeared as Andy's "cousin" Gloria (making Andy's girlfriend Helen extremely jealous) in the 1965 Andy Griffith Show episode "Guest in the House".

Shutan also had a role on the short-lived CBS television series Sons and Daughters in 1974. She appeared in numerous episodes of Ben Casey.

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