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Jan Michael Shultz is a stuntman who portrayed the skull-faced opponent in the Star Trek: The Next Generation second season episode "Where Silence Has Lease" in 1988.

Working in the movie industry since the late 1970s, Shultz performed stunts in the war drama Coming Home (1978, with Gwen Van Dam, David Clennon, Bruce French, and Jonathan Banks), the thriller When Time Ran Out... (1980, with Janet Brady, Gary Epper, Donna Garrett, Tommy J. Huff, Regina Parton, and Felix Silla), the music comedy The Blues Brothers (1980), the television series Riptide as double for lead actor Joe Penny, the comedy Odd Jobs (1986, with John Cade, Chuck Hicks, and Buck McDancer), the comedy Legal Eagles (1986), the adventure Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1986), the comedy Blind Date (1987, with Yannick Derrien, Gene LeBell, and Harry Wowchuk), the science fiction comedy Critters 2 (1988, with Laurie Creach, Chris Doyle, John Escobar, Al Jones, Janet Lee Orcutt, and Noon Orsatti), the comedy sequel Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989), the horror sequel Child's Play 2 (1990, with Laurie Creach, Al Jones, Paula Moody, and J.P. Romano), the action thriller CIA Code Name: Alexa (1992, with Red Horton, Dennis Madalone, Joe Murphy, and Janet Lee Orcutt), the adventure Sidekicks (1992), and the science fiction film Alien Intruder (1993, with Tracy Scoggins, Stephen Davies, Joe Durrenberger, Bill Zuckert, Red Horton, and Joe Murphy).

Further credits include the science fiction film Monolith (1993, with Chuck Borden, Caron Colvett, Maria R. Kelly, Dennis Madalone, Vincent J. Mazzella, and Chester E. Tripp III), the action film Private Wars (1993, with Chuck Borden , Red Horton, Steve Kelso, Scott Leva, and Dennis Madalone), the action comedy Top Dog (1995), the action comedy 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995), the science fiction film Project Shadowchaser III (1995, with Ken Clark, Brennan Dyson, Chuck Borden, Tim Sitarz, and Chester E. Tripp III), the action thriller Switchback (1997), and the science fiction sequel Universal Soldier: The Return (1999, with Henry Kingi, Jr., Manny Perry, Debby Lynn Ross, Tim Trella, Jennifer Caputo, and Mic Rodgers) as well as several episodes of the action series Walker, Texas Ranger (1996-2001).

Among his most recent credits are stunts in the horror film Cherry Falls (2000, with John Alden, Dana Hee, Justin Sundquist, and Mark Aaron Wagner) and in the comedy sequel Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (2005, with Eddie Braun, Chuck Hicks, Kim Koscki, Mike Massa, Erik Stabenau, and Darlene Williams). He also doubled actor Jonathan Bennett in the comedy Bachelor Party Vegas (2006, with Ron Althoff and Christopher Doyle).

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