Jamin was the leader of the Novans on Terra Nova in 2151.

That year, when Enterprise NX-01 arrived at Terra Nova to investigate the colony's fate, Captain Jonathan Archer attempted to persuade Jamin that he and his people were descendants of the original colonists, who were from Earth. Jamin, however, was reluctant to believe that the Novans were descendants of Humans.

Because the Enterprise crew then discovered that the Novans who were living underground were in danger because their water source was contaminated, Archer offered to move the Novans to caves in the southern region of the planet. At first, Jamin refused to trust Archer, believing their planet was poisoned in an attack from Earth years ago, and that now Archer wanted to take their home from them. Even though Jamin's mother, Nadet, started to believe Archer – shown a photograph of a group of colonists, she recognized a quite Human child in it as her younger self – Jamin still didn't trust him.

After a Novan man called Akary became trapped under a tree root and broke one of his legs, Jamin allowed Archer to help rescue Akary, the captain using his own phase-pistol to cut the wood so that they could lift it high enough for the injured man to break free. The incident helped build Jamin's trust in Archer (and vice versa). Along with this newfound trust and the word of Nadet, Jamin and the other Novans were finally persuaded to accept the Starfleet captain's assistance. (ENT: "Terra Nova")

Jamin was scripted to be in his "mid 50's." The script of "Terra Nova" also described him thus; "Jamin is remarkably adept [at climbing], moving with the skill and strength of a gymnast." In unused dialogue from the script, Jamin ordered the group of Novans to let Archer and Lieutenant Reed go. Jamin also told the Novans that Archer had saved Akary's life and arranged for the Novans to help raise an accidentally sunken shuttlepod. The character was played by regular Star Trek actor Erick Avari.

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