Jame Finney was a female Human civilian in the 23rd century. Born in the 2250s, she was the daughter of Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Finney. She was named after Finney's former friend James T. Kirk.

In 2267, when it was believed that her father had been killed through Captain Kirk's negligence, Jame accused Kirk of having murdered her father.

She later rescinded her accusation, after reading letters sent to her and her mother that revealed the closeness of the friendship between the two men, and tried to protect Kirk from losing his command. Kirk's lawyer, Samuel T. Cogley, seemed suspicious of her motives for her change of heart.

In the script, she had this change of heart after reading her father's old letters, which left her with the realization that he might try something, such as faking his death to get revenge on Kirk.

When it was revealed that Ben Finney was still alive and that he had merely framed Kirk for his death as an act of revenge, Kirk had Jame brought up to the USS Enterprise in hopes that her presence would make Finney easier to handle.

Hiding in engineering, Finney sabotaged the ship's engines, causing its orbit to decay. When Kirk informed Finney that Jame was aboard and that she would also be killed if he went through with his intentions, Finney broke down and, after being subdued, he told Kirk the area he had sabotaged, preventing the ship's destruction. (TOS: "Court Martial")

Background informationEdit

Jame Finney was played by Alice Rawlings.

Her first name was pronounced "Jamie" and spelled that way in the Star Trek Encyclopedia.

In the script of "Court Martial", Jame Finney was described thus; "She is young, pretty, but her good looks are impaired by her great emotional stress."


Jame later joins Starfleet, according to the TOS comic Debt of Honor.

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