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Klingon Helmsman, Shattered mirror a Klingon helmsman

James Black (born 3 April 1962; age 55) is an actor who played a mirror universe Klingon helmsman in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Shattered Mirror". Black had a recurring role on Anger Management.

Black's film appearances include Soldier (1998, with Elizabeth Dennehy) and Godzilla.

Black has also guest starred in Babylon 5 (with Bill Mumy, Andreas Katsulas and John Schuck), Will & Grace, Six Feet Under (with James Cromwell), Malcolm in the Middle (with Steve Rankin), 10-8: Officers on Duty (with Cliff DeYoung and Bill Cobbs), Charmed (with Joel Swetow and Matt Winston), Burn Notice (playing the son of Clarence Williams III's character), and The Starter Wife, with Ronny Cox.

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