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Jacqueline Susann was a 20th century author, who, by the 23rd century, was considered one of "the giants," along with Harold Robbins. Susann's writing contained profanity, reflecting the common usage of her era.

In 1986, the profanity featured in her collected works were cited by James T. Kirk as being reflective of typical speech when Spock noted Kirk's liberal use of such "colorful metaphors" upon arriving in that year. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

Susann is best known for Valley of the Dolls, a seamy tale of the self-destructiveness of drug abuse in 1960s Hollywood. Apparently appreciation for her work had increased by the 23rd century, for although she enjoyed some popular success, Susann was not considered a great author during her lifetime, although Spock's description of her may have been intended to be ironic.

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